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Our wide range of coding robots, design-and-build kits, curriculum, engaging lessons and activities encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance.

Get to know Sphero indi

Speed into STEAM with indi, first Sphero robot designed for early years.

What Our Customers Say

From the moment I placed ‘Indi’ in front of pupils I knew Sphero had got something very right with this robot! No screens, kinaesthetic and engaging and so many opportunities to improve upon the rich and varied skills that good computing lessons offer. I instantly saw pupils who were very prepared to fail in order to achieve the goal of getting ‘Indi around a creative course they designed. The possibilities with this robot are endless!

Matthew Warne, Head of Computing & IT

This was a fantastic project to be involved with and I know all the schools involved are so excited to receive their STEM kits.

Magic Breakfast

We can't wait for the boys and girls to try coding these new Sphero RVR robots from ROBOCUBE. Built for the creators of tomorrow!

Sedbergh Preparatory School, UK

The products at ROBOCUBE look incredible. We've been limited thus far with programming where it has always been an abstract task and actually having items to program will be brilliant for the children. 

Matt, Bayside Academy, UK

Build, Code and Play with ClicBot

Inspire minds using the Clicbot programmable robot . Teach your students coding and gain essential STEM skills as they play.