Best Coding Robots for 2021

Best Coding Robots for 2021

Best Coding Robots for 2021

In modern education, STEM learning has increasingly been focused on. Nowadays, learning to code with a robot makes a lot of sense. Kids see coding robots as a fun toy, while parents understand that they are a learning tool that teaches children about computer basics and develops their skill set. 

 There are different kinds of robots. Some robots use phones to code, while others use an old remote giving the advantage of a screen-free experience. Coding robots are for all ages and interests, and this article will help you decide which one is best for your little ones with no matter their experience level.


 LEGO Mindstorms Robot Inventor 51515

 LEGO has designed the ultimate interactive set that allows children to work on their construction and fine motor skills by making interactive robots and vehicles. Once the vehicles and robots are created, they can be coded using a phone or laptop and can be used to complete fun activities and undertake challenges that are sure to keep children engaged for hours. The Lego Mindstorms Robot inventor app brings their creations to life while teaching them essential STEM skills. The set comes with an easily rechargeable battery and almost 1000 pieces – meaning that there are endless opportunities for fun!


Wonder Workshop Cue

 Wonder Workshop Cue is a different type of coding robot compared to others. It helps to create a bond that other robots on this list don't. It is a solid base to learn real code from the utilization of programs such as Microsoft MakeCode and JavaScript. It begins by getting children familiar with graphical code blocks and then, once they are familiar with these, they can graduate onto full-text coding over time. This product really does grow with the child meaning that it can be used for a variety of age groups.


 Botley the Coding Robot

Botley, the Coding robot, is a smart robot that can avoid obstacles, giving this programming course another challenging aspect that can be accessed once children can handle the basic controls. It comes with three AAA batteries for Botley and two for the remote. The 77-piece kit includes the programming remote, 27 obstacle building pieces, six double-sided tiles, and a starter guide for parents to help work with their children to develop their skills.

Botley Coding Robot



It is more comfortable and affordable to learn to code at home rather than paying for a class. As these events are so difficult to plan in the current climate, it is the best option for 2021. These are the toys that will help your child learn how to code in no time flat. These vital skills will benefit them immensely in the future, so coding robots are well worth the investment.

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