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Best Educational Robot Toys For Back-To-School Fun

Best Educational Robot Toys For Back-To-School Fun

For the beginning of a new school year, children need to brace themselves for saying goodbye to holidays and get ready to resume their studies. Packed with quirky features, fun games, and educational know-how, robotic toys are perfect companions to help them with the transition. 

Here are some of our favourites for back-to-school fun.

Sphero BOLT

This eye-catching robot helps build foundational knowledge of computer science and fostering creativity through discovery and play. As part of our learning program it goes #BeyondCode, offering children lots of fun opportunities to learn while engaging in coding and gaming activities. It features an eye-catching, programmable 8x8 light matrix.


Until the end of September we would like to offer you the following: 

For each unit purchased via robocube.co.uk of the Sphero BOLT Power Pack you can receive one of the following items Free of Charge for your classroom: 

Sphero Code Mat Space/Soccer worth £179 (limited availability)

Sphero Code Mat City/Golf worth £179 (limited availability)

Sphero Computer Science Foundations Course 3 Worth £199 (limited availability)


Say hi to our charismatic robot STEM teacher who is always ready to challenge your children to a fun game. Whether it’s trivia, red light green light or hide and seek, Clicbot is in it to win it. On top of that, it teaches children how to design new games by coding so they can get creative whilst learning at the same time.

MakeBlock mBot 2

If your children want a play buddy to explore into the world of CS and technology this robot is up for the challenge. It boasts special features such as precision movement control with encoder motors, expandable mBuild modules and structural parts that together provide an immersive experience. As a learning platform it gives them a fun introduction to robotics, Scratch & Python Coding, and electronics.


Shaped as a human face, this robot can be your children’s first serious encounter with artificial intelligence. They can programme it to lead a dialogue in several languages and it can even write poetry! Ohbot also provides them with a platform to learn blocks and Python programming or gain an introduction to AI.

Robo Wunderkind

Playing with this award-winning modular robotics kit turns learning programming and robotics into effortless fun. Children can try building a range of easy and complex robotic creations from colour-coded building blocks. The setup enables children to try various programming functions - setting triggers or loops, defining conditions, creating functions and a lot more. The kit also comes with three intuitive apps and a comprehensive curriculum for guidance.

Help your children prepare for a successful return to school with educational toys that make learning feel like a pastime. You can find even more great toys for to help them practice their learning skills in our store.

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