Best Strawbees Products

Best Strawbees Products

Best Strawbees Products

Strawbees is an educational toy company that have created products inspired by the MIT Lifelong Kindergarten’s Creative Learning Spiral. Strawbees have a platform for innovative teachers who embrace creative thinking and hands-on experiences. The company has many get different kinds of product like their Inventor Kit, STEAM School Kit, Maker Kit, Imagination Kit, and many more.

Their products aim to provide teaches with opportunities to lift barriers to learning technology. Through Strawbees products both teachers and pupils can boost their confidence in construction, programming, and robotics! The award winning EdTech company wants to inspire the next generation of inventors by helping to develop problem-solving and creative skills on and offline.


Strawbees STEM School Classroom Building Set

 The Strawbees STEAM School Kit is one of the biggest building sets with over 4000 pieces developed for an entire classroom of students. With this many pieces you can build a large cityscape, a large rollercoaster track for a ball to run through, create mechanical arms and claws, and build a large pyramid structure taller than you – the possibilities are endless. This kit comes with 100+ challenges and a building set that has 6 colours of construction straws and 4 colour-coded connectors organised in labelled bags for easy storage. All the materials are reusable so can be used over and over again for different challenges.


Strawbees Cardboard School Kit

This classroom kit comes with everything that a teacher needs to develop STEM skills in young people. The kit comes with over 3000 pieces that include connectors and straws which allow pupils to construct their own designs. An added bit of fun is that the kit includes some eye stickers to turn constructions into creatures and animals! The kit comes with the Pocketful of Ideas Cad Deck and it has unique tools that make it safe and easy to use when building projects. This kit is a great way to recycle any old cardboard that you have lying around into fun and imaginative projects for children.


Strawbees Coding and Robotics School Kit

 Strawbees Coding and Robotics School Kit is A classroom set of Quirkbots! You can make a walker, a blinking star, or a pig shake in fear when it senses darkness. It comes with 1630 pieces and can be connected to the computer. Children can learn to code and upload a program that can tell their invention to move, blink, or both. It can be coded in three different ways: flow, block, and C++ text, meaning that it is designed for all levels of experience.


Strawbees Crazy Scientist Kit

 Let children dive into their imaginative side by taking on the role of a Crazy Scientist with this kit. The kit comes with 400 coloured building straws and 800 connectors that allow pupils to construct medium-sized projects. Unsure of how to get started? Don’t worry the kit comes with an activity booklet that includes instructions for over 21 activities. With this kit, children can create large pyramids, a dome base for a space mission and even an arm to extract moon rocks! This kit will really let their imagination run wild.

 Strawbees Scientist Kit

Have you used any of the Strawbees products before? Comment how you have utilised them in your classroom down below. We love to hear from you.


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