Fun Coding Activities You Can Try With Your Child

Fun Coding Activities You Can Try With Your Child

Fun Coding Activities You Can Try With Your Child

Besides being a great logical exercise, coding can be a source of great fun. Making objects come to life with the help of a code is a great way to help children understand how it works in more depth and achieve fast progress.

Robotic toys can be the best teachers in this regard, providing children with challenges and a sense of accomplishment that motivates them to keep learning.

Below are some examples of how you can use them for your family fun.


Artie offers you an opportunity to use code for artistic creations or to play games. This coding and drawing robot has four modes of play: you can draw pre-programmed shapes, colour a design, try freeform coding or challenge your children to a variety of games.
Besides being a creative fun, playing with this robotic toy is good training for left and right-brain skills.

Ball games

Sphero Mini coding robots are fun little companions for your leisure time at home or children’s parties. They enable children to learn and practice their coding skills by playing games or driving them around. Being as big as ping pong balls, these cute robotic toys are really compact and easy to store. You can play with them anywhere and they are handy to pack as a fun toy for a vacation.


Sphero Mini Soccer challenges your family’s football fans by giving the game a 21 century twist. This tiny programmable football makes the play extra exciting with a number of special effects. For instance, it has a soccer-themed Kick drive feature, a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights. All you need to do is to connect it to our app and you’re all set.

Trivia games

Clicbot can test your knowledge and abilities in all kinds of ways. It is ready to test your knowledge with quizzes including a broad array of questions, check how quickly you can react or who will be the first to find where it is hiding. This tiny high-tech robot is powered by industrial-level controlling algorithms which ensure its functions are always spot on.

Whether you want to get your first taste of coding together or help your kids understand through fun activities, our store has all you need. Have a browse through our Home range to discover even more great toys and kits to have fun with your children.

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