Fun STEM Activities For Creative Children At Home or In School

Fun STEM Activities For Creative Children At Home or In School

Fun STEM Activities For Creative Children At Home or In School

Children are full of natural creativity however this often disappears as the grow into adults. Therefore, it is so important to foster that creativity, allowing them to use their imagination and express themselves fully. Whether you are learning at home due to COVID restrictions, a teacher looking for some creative ideas or simply wanting to spend more time at home getting creative with your children, we have some great activities to get your started. These activities are both educational, and fun and will keep children occupied for hours.

Get Arty

The one thing that you can give creative children to get their creative juices flowing is a blank page, or screen. With this, the possibilities are endless as they can design whatever they want from scratch. To get them started, start telling children a story and get them to draw what happens next. You can develop their literacy skills by asking them to write a piece of creative writing to go along with their artwork.

If you have access to the Sphero BOLT coding robots, a great activity for the classroom would be to paint with them. Trust us – they’ll still work! The Sphero BOLTs are wipe clean and have a durable shell meaning that they are perfect for a busy classroom. Dip the little robots in paint and get the children to code them in the direction that they want it to go.

At home, a more affordable coding robot to try out is the Artie 3000 – the coding and drawing robot. This friendly little creature links up smoothly to Macs, PCs or Tablets and has an easy to use drag and drop interface. Artie comes with four different coloured pens that can be placed inside it and they can be used to make some amazing artwork.

Solve some problems

Robots are seen as being really cool and most kids will love to play with them. The brilliant thing about coding robots is that they can be used for basic coding skills, but you can also use them for more complex tasks meaning that the robot can be used as the children grow up. A Sphero Mini is perfect for this as it can be used on its own to get the hang of basic movements, or it can be used in more intricate tasks. Once your children have mastered the basics, get them to create an obstacle course objects that they have found around the house, and then try and code the robot to navigate through it. This will require both skill and patience!

Sphero Mini

It is important to foster creativity in young people, developing these skills so that they reach their full potential. Have a go at some of the activities above and share your thoughts in the comments section below – we love to hear from you!

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