How To Take Apart Your Sphero BOLT Power Pack

How To Take Apart Your Sphero BOLT Power Pack

How To Take Apart Your Sphero BOLT Power Pack

One of the great benefits of the Sphero BOLT Power Pack is that you can break down your class set of robots and charging ports into 16 separate individual robots and chargers, meaning that you can send the robots home with students. This is a great idea if you know a pupil will be off for a little time – perhaps due to a scheduled operation or due to self-isolation. It is also beneficial to know how to separate them in case of home-learning, so students can take one home with them and you can set activities online for them to try out with it.

One feature that makes the Sphero BOLT ideal for the classroom is that it has a casing that is both waterproof and scratch resistant. It won’t open, meaning that none of the vital parts will be lost and damaged and it can be easily wiped clean. The hard shell means that they can easily be transported home with pupils and are unlikely to be damaged. So, let’s take a look at how to split apart your classroom Power Pack safely to allow your students to access STEM learning from the comfort of their own homes.

Step 1 – Release the Charging Cradle

At the bottom of the round charging cradles you will see a black thumb tab. Each cradle has one of these and they can be individually released by pressing on the cradle that you would like to remove. This will pop it out of position.

Step 2 – Once the charging cradle has popped out, you will notice that there is a micro USB cord connected to it. In order to fully remove the cradle from the Power Pack, you will have to disconnect the USB cable from it.

Step 3 – The Micro USB cable stays in the Power Pack and should not be removed. You do have to ensure that it doesn’t fall down underneath the cradle platforms as this can be difficult to get back out.

Step 4 – Make sure that your school has extra Micro USB cables and wall adaptors that can be sent home with each Sphero Bot and charging cradle. Many parents may already have one at home as these are used commonly in a range of electronics, but it is good to have some spare for those that need them. These can be purchased easily at electronic shops or online for a small cost.

Do you have any ideas on Sphero activities to set for pupils either as homework or for when they are home learning? If so, comment down below to share your good practice. We love to hear from you!


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