Robocube Partners with Amazon UK and Magic Breakfast!

Robocube Partners with Amazon UK and Magic Breakfast!

Robocube Partners with Amazon UK and Magic Breakfast!

Here at Robocube, we love to give back and that is why we have partnered with Magic Breakfast and Amazon UK to help school’s increase their STEM learning provision. For around 2 months, we worked in partnership with these organisations to equip 17 schools across the country with top quality STEM kits and robotics.

STEM Kits and Robotics

We worked with schools via Amazon UK and the Magic Breakfast programme to curate the perfect bundles of products tailor to each of the selected school’s individual needs. Schools had a chance to choose class sets of top of the range:


While others chose other products from our range like Wonder Workshop Dash and Learning Resources Botley 2 Activity Kits. The impact of these STEM product bundles is clear, with Grange Lane Infant Academy writing in their newsletter “these items are something the academy could not afford to purchase outright and will make a massive difference to the school and children, so thank you!”.

Robotical Marty The Coding Robot

Further to the training, we were able to get the teachers to access the Sphero Fundamentals Self-Guided course and one-on-one training for Sphero and Robotical Marty's robots. The training was an excellent introduction for educators who wish to get started with Sphero and Robotical products in the classroom. It enabled teachers to gain further insight into Draw, Block-Based programming, and Javascript text programming while providing realistic suggestions on how to apply this within a classroom setting.

Robotical Marty Training

We are absolutely delighted to be a part of this important project that aims to inspire children, developing vital STEM skills that they can utilize in the future.

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