The Best Botley Robot Accessories

The Best Botley Robot Accessories

The Best Botley Robot Accessories

The award winning Botley Robot has been praised for its innovative design and fun take on teaching STEM and coding skills to young children. By making learning fun, the robot challenges children’s learning in an accessible way. But did you know that there are accessory kits specially made for the Botley to extend the fun even further?! Keep reading to see our top recommendations.

Botley the Coding Robot Action Challenge Accessory Kit

This 40-piece accessory kit will prolong the hours of fun that the Botley Robot can provide. The colourful pieces are there for you to step up STEM inspired challenges, which are detailed in the booklet that comes with the kit. The set includes 30 small dominos, two balls, a swinging hammer, rotating gate, ramp, large domino, medium domino, cup and specially designed detachable arms. These pieces give your child the opportunity to use Botley’s arms to navigate the ball through the dominos obstacle course, knock over domino rows or spin the swinging hammer. The activities in the Action Challenge Accessory Kit allow your children to further practice their coding skills, pushing their learning even further!



Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

This action-packed activity set includes everything you need to send your Botley Robot on some amazing adventures. It includes a Botley Robot too, so it is perfect to give as a gift, or keep a spare one for your family and set them up against each other in a series of nail-biting challenges! The robot comes with the easy to use programmer which lets children code up to 80 steps all at once, developing their coding and sequencing skills. The 40 different coding cards set you up with some excellent tasks and challenges to start you off, and stickers so you can customise your robot to match your child’s personality. The six boards can slot together like a jigsaw, where you can connect the thick black lines that create a path for your clever little robot to follow. In addition to this, the activity set comes with a variety of accessories for your Botley robot to play with including 8 sticks, 12 cubes, 2 cones, 2 flags, 2 balls and a goal. Our favourite activity to play with this kit is Botley football – try and get your robot to navigate the ball into the goal. Football lovers will find their ball skills will help develop their STEM skills too!

Botley Crashin’ – Construction Accessory Set

For children that love to build and then destroy things, then the Botley Crashin' Construction Accessory Kit is for you! This encourages children to develop their understanding of cause and effect and get involved with engineering skills through the medium of play. The set comes with a bright yellow and black crane that clips on to the classic Botley robot, a face mask to protect it during construction, two plough arms, a destructive wrecking ball, three constructive blocks and a sign. Again, like the other sets, it comes with instructions and ideas to get you started before you let your own creativity take over.


Comment down below with which kit appeals most to you – let the games begin.

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