The Best STEM Educational Stocking Fillers

The Best STEM Educational Stocking Fillers

The Best STEM Educational Stocking Fillers

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths education has been the focus for many teachers and experts in recent years. Skills learned through STEM toys and activities can be vital for jobs in the future workforce as our world changes. For children to learn at home however, it needs to be fun and STEM toys are the perfect way to do this. Here’s our list of the best stocking fillers which will help develop these vital skills but not break the bank – everything on our list is under £20!


3D Wooden Puzzles

These puzzles are great in developing key motor skills and problem solving. Recommended for children over 8, these gifts can be given to both children and adults and will lead to hours of entertainment. The pieces to be assembled are laser cut and come with clear instructions on how to build the shape you are looking for. What’s even better is that it doesn’t require any messy, sticky glue as the pieces slot together easily. The wood is unfinished and can be left plain, or decorated with paint, pens or glitter meaning more hours of fun! Check out the 3D Wooden Puzzle Bi-Plane for action enthusiasts or take up the challenge of the 3D Wooden Puzzle Ferris Wheel with its beautiful hanging pods.


Beaker Creatures Science Kits  

Beaker Creatures is a great brand for introducing children ages 5 and up to the world of science! They provide fun and engaging learning resources which take children through an experiment where they can see real science in action! Take the Beaker Creatures Bubbling Volcano Reactor for example. This set includes a toy volcano which children can trigger a bubbling reaction in, leading to a foamy red explosion! The set also includes instructions for five other experiments that can be performed again and again and a mini-poster which has quiz questions on science facts – what a fun way to learn.


Coding Critters Pet Poppers

Perhaps the most budget friendly option on our list are this cute little pet poppers from the award-winning Coding Critters Range. These little creatures introduce essential STEM and coding concepts to young children without the need for unnecessary screen time. Through the 20-page activity and adventure book children can learn about scientific topics such as motion and force, while reinforcing vital STEM skills. The Pet Poppers come in different animals such as Pepper the Cat, Zing the Dog and Dash the Bunny but our favourite has to be Ripper the Dinosaur!


Coding Critters Go Pets

Coming from the same company as the Pet Poppers are these adorable Go Pets. These motorized interactive pets follow black line paths created with cards to all kinds of adventures! Choose from Scrambles the Fox, Dart the Chameleon or Dipper the Narwhal. This company has so many options that you can find the right match for every child.  Again, these pets come with an activity book with an abundance of ideas to keep children engaged for hours, meaning that this Christmas present won’t be wasted.

Remember, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas!

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