Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, here is why we think that STEM Coding Robot Toys make the best Yuletide gift that you can give your child this year. During the festive season, it’s not only adults who feel overwhelmed - what with all the shopping, organising, going out and socialising, that we do, it’s normal that it all becomes a bit too much. Kids also have a stimulus overload around Christmas, especially when it comes to gifts.



Learning Resources Botley 2.0 The Coding Robot Activity Set


Botley 2 The Coding Robot

Botley 2, the Coding Robot Activity Set is a complete kit consisting of various components. It is a kit that will support your kid's adventure and learning both. It will enhance the kid's STEM skills and will make him familiar with the digital world.

It is designed for the children having age five years or more than that. So now, kid as small as five years old can also get a sense of coding. It comes with five AAA batteries and a screwdriver too. This Robot has a perk that for coding purposes, you do not need any kind of tablet or smartphone that means it comes with the screen-free coding. 

It's remote that is not difficult to use. It can sense objects in front of it and can follow the told path. It can also cross obstacles. The kit has 77 pieces, i.e., remote, detachable arms, forty coding cards, six double-sided tiles, twenty-seven building pieces that will serve as obstacles, and a guide.

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Educational Insights Artie 3000 The Coding Robot



Educational Insights Artie 3000 is actually the coding Robot that makes your kid familiar with some coding and programming. This coding Robot can also draw the lines. It uses four AA batteries that are not included in the package.

It has built Wi-Fi that means no need for internet connection for it. It requires a tablet or smartphone for coding purposes. It has a very simple set up and is preprogrammed. So now, it is easy to learn coding through this Robot for beginners. 

The company's website even offers further coding and will make learning field vast. The kit includes Artie 300 coding Robot, four markers, a guide, and activity cards. It is very safe to use. It is very suitable for the kids having age seven years old or more than that. The company offers one year guarantee for it.

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Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit  

Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit  

OK, if Star Wars isn't your child's thing, then maybe Frozen is. I'd hate to suggest this one is meant for girls . while Star Wars is for boys - I'd hope Kano is better than that.

The Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit is a build-it-yourself Bluetooth motion sensor that becomes a creative coding experience, where kids code, create, play, and share Disney Frozen adventures.

What we love about the Kano products is that you have to build the kit yourself, rather than just plug it in or add batteries - so you learn about the board, button, and bits that make up the motion sensor, before connecting it to a compatible device, and bringing it to life.

You discover new powers as you connect code blocks and see the Javascript behind them.

Kids learn about loops, logic, and variables. Then they can make snowflakes, control blizzards, and conjure their own ice palace with a wave of a hand.

Children get to play with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, and find costumes and companions for their avatar.

You get a step-by-step storybook and exclusive Kano Disney Frozen 2 Stickers, along with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) that contains sensors and LEDs, and a case with light plate, top + bottom case, and power button.

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Sphero Mini App-Enabled Programmable Robot Ball

Sphero Mini Robotic Ball
This is an application robot operated by the Sphero Play Application. It is a small, ping pong ball robot (Sphero Mini) that uses programming. It has a gyroscope, LED lights, and an accelerometer. This robotic ball will provide you fun along with learnings.

You will get an idea about programming and coding. The coding can be done by using various apps. It will provide you a chance to play and code. You can drive it in joystick mode. All you need to do is pull backward and release then simply rotate the mobile screen. 

You can play games by using it according to choice and can choose among shoot through space, smash a polygon of brick, and speed through the tunnel. Now play or have a command on coding by giving various coding commands through a wide range of free applications. So now, you have a chance to enjoy the fun, along with some knowledge and learning about science, programming, and coding.

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Wonder Workshop Dash


In this scientific era, kids need advancement in the case of their fun activities. Wonder Workshop Dash is actually a voice-operated robot toy. It is not simply a toy but much more than that. It will totally work on the commands you will simply say. 

Its voice-operated function fascinates kids even more. Now, after giving this Robot various commands, kids can enjoy in their amazing digital world. By using LEGO bricks, you can simply convert this Robot into an animal, catapult, and truck. 

You can charge it with a micro USB. It has a feature of Bluetooth connectivity. Its stand by time is 30 days, and playtime is 5 hours. In addition to voice operation, you can also operate this through five connected applications. It will recognize your voice too. 

It can move around, light up and dance according to your commands. It is suitable for kids having age six years and above. So now make your kid familiar with the digital world too.

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Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot, Coding STEM Toy


Now it is easy for your kid to learn STEM skills through Botley Coding Robot. Now your kid will have fun and learning side by side. This amazing Robot is screen-free, which means you do not need any kind of gadget like a tablet or smartphone for it.

It will increase the thinking and problem-solving skills of your kid. The Robot has smart logic that enables it to sense obstacles and avoid these obstacles. This Robot can follow the straight-line path according to commands given to it. Your kid will learn to code in no time because it is readily available for use right after unboxing. 

It requires 5 AAA batteries and a screwdriver too. Its box contains 42 pieces and contains detachable arms of Robot, a remote programmer, and 42 activity cards. The required batteries s are not included in the box. It is suitable for children having age five or more than that. It has hidden features to unlock too.

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Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set


Learning Resources Code and Go Robot Mouse Activity Set is an amazing robot set that provides your kid an opportunity of polishing his programming skills. It will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills in him too. It can light itself up.

It makes some amazing digital sounds too. Its set includes 16 maze grids, 22 maze walls, three tunnels, 30 coding and ten activity cards, a cheese wedge, and a direction guide that will provide you instructions. This is designed for the kids having age four or greater than that. 

It comes with 40 diverse coding commands. Now kids can use various components to make their path that can be followed by their mouse to find cheese. It will improve the creative skills of your kid. Parts can be assembled, disassemble, and can be rebuilt. Its set has a total of 83 pieces and helps to improve the STEM skills of your kid.

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STEM Robot Kit - 6 - 1 DIY Mechanical Building Robotic Coding Kit

Robobloq Coding Robot Qoopers 6-1

This Robot is a perfect toy for your junior to develop his STEM skills. You can code it through various applications using your smartphones or tablets. It has component blocks that your kid can use to make robots. It has many features; for example, it can avoid obstacles, follow a track, and play music. It comes with remote control. 

It will improve the kid's creativity and problem-solving skills. You are required to download the application that contains all the instructions because its package does not have an instruction guide in it. It requires 6 AA batteries. 

Now your kid will enjoy a lot of fun with his companion robot that is assembled by himself and can also improve his STEM skills. Children can also develop their coding commands through it. It can change to multi-colors.

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Botley The Coding Robot 2.0


Learning Resources Botley 2.0 Coding Robot

The winner of an Innovative Toy of the Year Award in 2019, Botley The Coding Robot is aimed at kids 5-9 (EYFS & KS1). The latest version, Botley 2.0, adds new features, such as advanced object detection function, and the ability to put on a coloured light and dance show.

Kids learn basic programming skills via step coding and logic by getting the robot to manoeuvre and turn, avoid and move objects, plus make sounds.

A great benefit is that it's screen-free and very Montessori in its tactile nature.

Botley 2.0 can be programmed to create a sequence of up to 150 steps in six different directions. It has a sensor underneath that allows it to follow a black line created with the included 40 coding cards, plus object detection.

16 interactions can transform Botley 2.0 into many guises, including a train, police car or ghost. Its eyes even light up in the dark.

A larger 78-piece Botley 2.0 Activity Set includes remote programmer, detachable arms, six double-sided boards, stickers and 27 obstacle accessories.I t comes with two "face masks" (no, not that type) so it can have different looks in orange or blue.

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Harry Potter Wand


This build-your-own wand is the latest kit from Kano. It combines the six-piece wand with the app for Android, iOS, PC or Mac to encourage kids to learn how to code.

Obviously it'll really only appeal to Harry Potter fans, but there aren't exactly a shortage of those.

The wand uses Bluetooth to communicate and has a vibration motor as well as a 9-axis gyroscope so it knows how it's being moved. Putting it together is pretty simple, and once done, kids have over 70 step-by-step challenges which - naturally - come from the world of Harry Potter.

Once you've created your avatar, you can begin your journey, completing these coding games in familiar locations including Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and other places.

The actual coding is done graphically, with pop-up instructions explaining how to assemble jigsaw-puzzle pieces to make your spell work. For example, in one challenge in Weazley's Wizard Wheezes, you learn to flick Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans into the air. As with similar coding apps, you can test your 'spell' at any point by using your wand.

As the tasks become more advanced, you're prompted to change values in the code itself to see how it affects things, such the size of your fire trail from the wand (which appears on screen, not out of the actual wand of course).

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