Which Sphero Robot is best for my needs?

Which Sphero Robot is best for my needs?

Which Sphero Robot is best for my needs?

The Sphero brand has many innovative and award-winning products which each have their own advantages and expertise. All devices come with the standard 1 to 3 year warranty but there are some differences. Keep reading for the low down on each coding robot.


Sphero Mini

Think of the Sphero Mini as the introductory model allowing your children to access basic coding from a young age. It is around the same size as a ping pong ball and weights just 46g so is easy for younger children to hold and interact with. The Mini is easily charged through a Micro USB point that can be accessed underneath the shell. Once charged, the Sphero Mini will last around 1 hour before needing charged again. Like all the Sphero products, it can be connected to your devices through Bluetooth, however the connection for this device is only within 10m, shorter than Sphero’s other products so take this into consideration when choosing your device – how and where are you likely to use it? If you are likely to only use your Sphero indoors then this one may suit you best as its ideal environment is on low carpet and hard wood floors.


Sphero SPRK+

A more advanced version of the Sphero Mini is the SPRK+ which further develops knowledge of coding and develops creativity through its programmable settings. This robot is slightly bigger than the Sphero Mini, measuring in at roughly the size of a baseball. This product is more durable as it is both waterproof and scratch-resistant. Charging the Sphero SPRK could not be easier, as it has inductive charging which can charge the device up for over 1 hour of play time. The SPRK+ inclubes motor encoders, a gyroscope and accelerometer which can be utilised to benefit learning. Bluetooth connection is secure up to 30m, meaning that you can play with this device over a larger area – and it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The box includes some additional extras that help create more activities to play, including maze tape and protractors. However, this may not be the best for educators as unlike the three other options, it does not come in any education packs or kits for the classroom.



Sphero BOLT

The Sphero BOLT is the big brother in the family – familiar in size to the SPRK+, but with added features including infrared, 8x8 matrix, compass and light sensor. It also needs to be charged less often, with one charge lasting over 3 hours. This is Sphero BOLT is the most widely used in school robot and can be purchased in sets of 15 for the classroom.

Sphero BOLTSphero RVR

And finally we have the Sphero RVR – the elite Sphero device designed for makers, hackers and coders who already have an understanding of coding. The device looks like a car and comes with a cover plate, roll cage shell, mounting plate and colour cards. It is adaptable and can be used on any terrain – indoors or outdoors on both flat and uneven surfaces. Again, it can be used from a 30m distance via Bluetooth and has a removable rechargeable battery which gives over 2 hours play time. This is recommended for older learners from K-12 and above.


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