Why Children Should Learn How to Code

Why Children Should Learn How to Code

Why Children Should Learn How to Code

Coding is both a technical and creative challenge, which is what makes it a perfect learning opportunity for children.

With technology developing at a faster pace than ever, it is important that the upcoming generations understand it better and are not merely passive consumers.

In this blog we shed light on how learning to code early on in life helps children develop important skills to maximise their potential


Problem solving

In essence, coding is about developing solutions to problems. Coming up with a suitable code to make their toys perform a task they want encourages children to think in an analytical, organised manner. This approach is a foundation of successful problem solving which helps achieve progress in many areas of learning and life.


Focus and persistence

Learning to code involves a lot of trial and error. In order to succeed children need to concentrate and keep trying until they find the solution that fits the brief. Coding exercises thus help them become focused and persistent, which are essential qualities essential to address complex challenges and show effective leadership.



Coding enables children to express their ideas in a whole new way. They can go from being users to becoming creators which is a much stronger motivation for learning. STEM coding toys enable them to bring objects, designs and other creative concepts to life which stimulates creative thinking and imagination.


A competitive advantage

Coding skills are in high demand on today’s job market and the trend is likely to continue.

Once they reach working age, the knowledge of coding can help children kickstart a successful career. Also, learning to code at a young age enables them to stay up to date with the latest trends which they can use to their advantage once they are old enough to start working.


Academic potential

Coding helps children develop the intellectual capabilities they need to become star students. In order to succeed they need to approach coding tasks in a structured manner: analyse the problem, break down the solution down to specific steps, apply logical patterns, test alternatives and identify and rectify mistakes until they get it right.


If you are a parent of an educator wanting to turn coding into a creative fun, robotic toys won’t let you down. In our range you can find toys for all ages, designed to make coding easier to learn, making the process feel like a pastime rather than an academic task.


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