Why You Should Introduce Your Kids To Programming

Why You Should Introduce Your Kids To Programming

Why You Should Introduce Your Kids To Programming

Programming, coding and STEM learning have become educational buzzwords in recent years. There are many benefits to why children benefit from such skills and a lot of educational research and literature around the topics. Don’t worry though – we are here to summarise the benefits of programming – just keep reading.

Developing Future Career Skills

While no one can know exactly what is going to happen in the future, it is likely that technology will advance even further, and there will be many jobs needing filled within the tech industry. Coders and developers are needed more than ever, and large tech companies hire thousands every year while still saying that there are job shortages. Introducing your kids to programming from a young age will allow them to develop the skills that they need to become valuable in the future workforce, giving them the best start in life. Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO has stated that “coding should be required in every public school in the world” and believes that it should be treated like learning a traditional language. Many schools around the world have been implementing these concepts within their learning and 9 EU countries have now added it officially to their curriculum. Practising these skills will give them an advantage in life.

Addressing Gender Diversity

As we know, the tech industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the world economy, and there are many high paid jobs within it. One problem with the tech industry is that it is an industry with one of the biggest gender gaps, with studies estimating that only 18% of all coding jobs are held by women. This number is on the rise, but there is a long way to go. It is important to banish the stereotypes around educational learning – if girls want to play with robots and mechanical planes, let them – it is these toys that will help develop those early skills, increase female engagement and boost the female workforce of the future within the technical sector.

How to introduce programming and coding at home

Introducing concepts like this at home should not feel like school. Learning should be fun and through play. There are many specially developed toys and games out these which can develop kep skills in this area. Robotics are a great way of teaching kids in an interesting way and toys like this will spark engagement and enthusiasm that can stay with them throughout childhood. Robots like the award-winning Botley 2.0 Coding Robot are ideal for developing these key skills through play and gives this information in a fun way for kids. They can programme the robot to move around the room and complete lots of different challenges – all without the use of a screen.


Programming and coding are not going away any time soon and even if children do not end up going into the field of tech, they will gain vital skills that can be transferred to many other careers. Comment down below your favourite way to introduce programming to children – its great to share.

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