How To Help Children Struggling With STEM

How To Help Children Struggling With STEM

How To Help Children Struggling With STEM

Despite being a great asset for their career future, school children are increasingly less interested in developing STEM knowledge.

The study by The Institution of Engineering and Technology carried out in 2019 showed that pupils aged 9-12 were less attracted to STEM subjects in general. 

In fact, their interest in Computing was down 14 per cent, followed by Design & Technology with a 12 per cent decrease and Science with a 10 per cent drop.

According to the teachers who were also surveyed as part of the study, one of the major reasons for this decline was lack of engaging resources to nurture scientific minds.

Given the growing demand for STEM professionals in the job market, schools and educators need effective solutions to turn things around.

In this blog post we highlight an array of fantastic resources for STEM education that can help ignite the spark. 


Primary Science Lab Set                                                                                       
Incite your pupil’s curiosity about chemistry and science by engaging them in fun hands-on experiments. This primary science kit includes real-life laboratory equipment designed for children and colourful Activity Cards with easy experiments to try in the classroom.

Water Science Lab Kit                                                                                           
Encourage your students to explore one of the world’s most important natural resources through fun immersive experiences. This water science kit with 25 lab tools enables them to do various research activities. It also includes a practical guide introducing children to water-related STEM careers.

Magnetic Force Science Lab Kit

Give budding young engineers in your class a chance to learn about magnetic force through investigation of cause-effect relationships. Packed with real lab equipment and materials for guided experiments, this kit can turn your classroom into a full-blown laboratory.

Design and Technology

Artie 3000 - The Coding & Drawing Robot                                                          
Help your students discover the magic of coding through fun artistic activities. Artie the robot can be their buddy as they develop skills related to the left and right side of the brain. It offers a range of activities focusing on technical subjects such as geometry, maths and programming, as well as a platform to get creative with drawing and craft beautiful designs.

Strawbees Cardboard School Kit                                                                         
Give your class a practical insight into the wonders of architecture and challenge them to build their own monuments. This 3000+ pieces set includes Strawbees connectors and straws to construct objects and a set of stickers to give each design a nice finishing touch.

Strawbees STEAM School Classroom Building Set                                                                              
Are your students yet to discover the fun side of design? This 4000+ piece building set can help them do so and play big. They can build a large cityscape, roller coaster track for a ball or a large pyramid structure that’s taller than some humans. There’s also an enclosed pocket guide to help them grasp the basics of building for an easy start.

ICT and Computing

Strawbees Coding & Robotics School Kit                                                         

Intrigue your students about creative coding and building with this fun-tastic kit. They can learn the essentials by making fun quirky designs such as a walker, a shaking pig scared of darkness or a blinking star. The kit enables users of all levels of experience to learn programming in three different ways: flow, block, and C++ text.

Makeblock CyberPi Classroom Coding Pack                                                     
Make your students excited about learning AI & IoT and Python with this easy-to-use coding pack. Designed for high-quality learning experience, it includes a full-color display, multiple input devices and a CyberOS system. It also offers you a much larger storage and an assortment of modules and sensors. Suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.

Dash & Dot Coach Pack with Class Connect                                                      
Get your pupils’ intrigued about coding and robotics by giving them a space to use their imagination and problem-solving skills. This value pack features the best our store has to offer, including the award-winning Dash and Dot robots, accessories, and curriculum designed for K–5 learners.

Have you found a match for your class in our selection? We’ve got a lot more in our store so have a browse within resources for educators, check products from your favourite brands or set your own preferences by using advanced search categories.

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