Sphero BOLT Power Pack

Sphero BOLT Power Pack - STEM in the Classroom

Sphero BOLT Power Pack - STEM in the Classroom

The Sphero Bolt Power Pack is the ultimate set to develop STEM learning in the classroom. The pack comes with absolutely everything that educators will need to create engaging and exciting lessons that students will remember for a long time.

Firstly, the pack comes in an easy to transport case, meaning that it can be shared around classrooms or even taken outside to including in outdoor learning. The pack contains 15 of the little Sphero Bolt ball robots with 15 charging cradles and USB chargers, so that they can be stored and charged neatly. These light up robot balls are compatible with both the Sphero Play and Sphero Edu Apps that are available on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android and Amazon Fire. The ability to connect with multiple operating systems means that schools will not have to buy in additional technology to operate this product successfully.

The Sphero EDU app allows students to create and customise games and code the BOLT robots in multiple ways including by drawing on the screen for younger learners, to writing JavaScript for more experienced students. The robots come with a light sensor, compass, gyroscope, motor encoders, accelerometer and infrared communications so that you can complete a variety of activities.

The kit also comes with accessories to help create lessons around including 15 protractors which headings, directions and a clock, maze tape and 124 stickers as well as a quick start guide which will start you off with some simple lessons and activities to allow students to get to grips with the basics. Perhaps you could sign your students up for the Sphero Global Challenge which allows them to develop their skills while competing with other schools across the world.

 What is even better is that Sphero clearly understands what it is like to be an educator in todays world. The charging packs can be separated into individual BOLT Power Packs, allowing individual robots to be moved or sent home with children – this may prove vital in today’s climate of potential blended learning. The robots themselves are both waterproof and scratchproof and are therefore durable enough to be used by children.

Whats more, at Robo Cube, we are currently running a special offer for educators – when you buy the Bolt Power Pack, you get £300 worth of extras to help refine your practice. Receive both the Sphero Computer Science Foundation Course Book AND the Sphero Fundamentals Online Training Course for free.   

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