The Best Coding Robots

The Best Coding Robots

The Best Coding Robots

With the holidays fast approaching, you may be thinking about gifts for the youngsters in your life. A great gift for any child would be a coding robot, which helps develop vital STEM skills that have been a focus within education over the last few years. There are many different types of coding robot from ones that can be connected to a smartphone, to more traditional screen-free options. Some are better for younger children, while others offer depth and challenge for older learners.

Unsure of what the best coding robots on the market are? Then look no further – here is our rundown of the Top Ten Coding Robots to pick up this Christmas.


Ozobot Evo

The Ozobot Evo is a handy coding robot that interacts directly with the lights and sounds for self-employed movements. It can explore the world with you and is easily controlled by a remote control. The robot has a built-in proximity sensor that allows it to dodge obstacles. Children can use this robot to undertake challenges and master the basics of coding.


Makeblock MTiny Coding Kit

mTiny is an easy portable early education robot that you can gift to your children. It is a coding tool that exercises children’s logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Using coding cards and various themed map blocks it brings computer programming into children’s real life. The cute Panda design with over 10 different facial expressions is well loved by young people who see it as being like a pet. This robot is sure to be a hit.


Robotical Marty V2 Robot

The adorable Marty V2 Robot is a portable walking robot with legs and feet which has 9 servo motors and a handful of built in sensors, allowing it to move in more interesting ways than just rolling around. This robot can walk, dance, turn, kick and swagger like no other coding robot!


Artie 3000

The Artie 300 Coding Robot has educational insights which allow children to develop their coding and programming skills. This is perfect for children who are art lovers who love to be creative. It requires an internet connection and tablet or smartphone for coding purposes and it can create some brilliant designs!


STEM - Robot Mouse

The STEM Robot Mouse is a small portable mouse-shaped robot that provides real STEM learning for primary children. The mouse develops critical thinking skills in children and it includes 20 tiles of STEM programming set to create paths for the mouse to follow. This is a screen free device that is perfect for young children. 


Wonder Workshop Cue

This sci-fi looking creature is an incredibly clever robot with a witty attitude. It is full of interactive surprises and comes in 4 unique avatars to customize the cue with a personality that’s right for you. As Christmas is getting closer the Wonder Workshop Cue is the perfect choice to gift your little once as it is the winner of the Parents Choice Silver Award 2017.

Wonder Dash

The Wonder Dash is a real robot which is rechargeable and easy to use. Around the world, the dash is beloved by both kids and teachers. It is smart enough to respond to sounds and voices and can sing and dance, which makes it an interactive and fun learning experience for kids.


Wonder Dot

This robot can link with both the Wonder and Blockly apps. The Wonder Dot comes with hundreds of exciting coding adventures and projects. It is the perfect choice for Christmas as it can be transformed into hundreds of different toys and gadgets such as a lively alarm clock, flying spaceship, a funny fortune teller, or even an electronic instrument by just using your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. This will keep children entertained for hours.


Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is a ton of fun inside a tiny programmable robotic soccer ball which is the size of a ping pong ball. It is more than a mini robot toy as it is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights. Football lovers will love this, making it the perfect choice for Christmas. You can drive this Sphero by using the Sphero Play app which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.


Sphero BOLT

The Sphero BOLT is a small programmable robot that is designed to inspire creativity and curiosity through coding and play. This portable toy has easily learned programming, complete hands-on activities, and the ability to share your creations with the community. The Sphero brand is a favourite amongst educators so they must be doing something right…


To Sum Up…

Robots are becoming increasingly popular these days as a way to develop these vital STEM skills. Choose the one that suits your child best. All the robots on this list are portable and can be easily moved around.

If you have used any of these products in the past, feel free to comment your thoughts and recommendations down below – we love to hear from you!

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