LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set 45678

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      LEGO® Learning System

      Part of the LEGO® Learning System

      Part of the LEGO® Learning System, SPIKE™ Prime engages all pupils in thinking critically, analyzing data, and prototyping creative hands-on solutions for complex problems with real-world relevance. From easy-entry lessons to advanced experiences, pupils of all learning levels build their confidence and resilience along with the 21st-century skills that are vital to their future success.

      LEGO® Learning System

      Interconnected Solutions that work Seamlessly Together

      The LEGO® Learning System is an intuitive, inclusive, and highly adaptable hands-on learning system. It future-proofs pupils’ skills, and makes them confident life-long learners by giving them unlimited possibilities for hands-on, playful STEAM learning. The easy-to-adopt LEGO® Learning System offers solutions that work with or without technology. Implement the full system at once or introduce individual solutions over time.

      Looking for a way to provide home learning
      activities for children of all ages?

      Hands-On Learning

      Whether they’re in the classroom or the living room children have big imaginations, innate curiosity, and a desire to explore and take risks. All you need are the resources to tap into them. LEGO Education wants to help. Hands-on learning provides a medium for building ideas and models while practicing important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

      40 Years of LEGO Education

      For more than 40 years, LEGO Education has been developing educational solutions based on a well-established educational theory that children learn best and remember more through hands-on experiences. Our products aren’t toys - instead home use of LEGO Education Learning Resources is intended to be a highly rewarding education experience that supplements locally applicable curriculum needs.

      Building Confidence in Learning

      LEGO Education offers pre and post-sale support to ensure LEGO Education resources are used as effectively as possible in a learning environment.

      Lesson Plans

      Curriculum-Aligned Lesson Plans

      Our LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime lesson plans are designed to help students develop the abstract and critical thinking skills they need to solve complex problems. The curriculum-aligned lessons provide a variety of learning experiences that relate directly back to students’ real-life questions and observations, building their confidence and preparing them for life beyond school.

      Lesson Plans

      This lesson will allow pairs of students to design multiple prototypes to find the most effective way to move a robot without using wheels.

      The lesson takes approximately 45 minutes.


      CAS Computing Progression Pathways: Designs solutions by decomposing a problem and creates a sub-solution for each of these parts. (DE) (AL) (AB)


      CAS Computing Progression Pathways: Can identify similarities and differences in situations and can use these to solve problems (pattern recognition). (GE)

      Information Technology

      CAS Computing Progression Pathways: Uses criteria to evaluate the quality of solutions, can identify improvements making some refinements to the solution, and future solutions. (EV)

      What’s included in the LEGO SPIKE Prime Set:

      • Sturdy storage box with sorting trays,
      • Programmable Hub,
      • 528 LEGO elements in a fresh colour palette,
      • Distance Sensor,
      • Force Sensor,
      • Colour Sensor,
      • Large Motor,
      • 2 Medium Motors,
      • 5×5 Light Matrix,
      • 6 input/output Ports,
      • Integrated 6-axis gyro,
      • Speaker,
      • Bluetooth connectivity,
      • Rechargeable Battery.

      The SPIKE Prime Set includes highly accurate motors and sensors that, together with many colourful LEGO building elements allowing students to design and build creative prototypes.

      Students can access numerous building elements and use the many attachment points on the hub with the motors and sensors so that they can concentrate on building projects rather than learning how to use the set.

      Key features of the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set:

      • The durable storage box and 2 sorting trays keep setup and clean-up time to a minimum, and the smaller trays are ideal for when desk space is limited.
      • The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App offers a simple introduction to programming with intuitive word-block coding based on Scratch. Then, as students build their skills, they can explore text-based coding with Python.
      • In addition to the Getting Started material, the SPIKE App comes with 5-unit plans of standards-aligned STEAM content focussing on data science, engineering, and computer science optimised for 45-minute classes.
      • Supported by a comprehensive competency-based professional development program that equips teachers with the skills and knowledge they need to facilitate meaningful STEAM learning experiences, empowering students to succeed.
      • The SPIKE Prime set is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Build HAT.

      What are the benefits of using a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set in a classroom?

      Using the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime Set in a 45-minute lesson, students will be able to:

      • Understand and apply engineering design skills at each step of the design process.
      • Develop efficient problem-solving and coding skills by breaking down problems and practising logical thinking.
      • Design projects that combine hardware and software components to collect and exchange data.
      • Work with variables, data arrays, and web-based third-party data.