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Our Team

We are a privately owned company with a tremendous passion for new technologies. The STEM kits & robotics that we offer, from a wide range of renowned brands, are meant to improve the imagination, fine tune the motor skills and help develop constructive thinking in children. At the same time as serving an educational purpose and entertaining your kids, these educational toys open the window to learn everything about future technology. 

Today, in our fast paced world, change is all around us. Therefore, we want not just to make playtime more  fun but to also use it as an opportunity to prepare the future generation with valuable skills that will help them for tomorrow. Most kids love to take things apart and rebuild them, so here at ROBOCUBE you are in the right place to find just what they need. Your kids can build and then remotely  control the toys, as well as learn how to code by using an app. We believe that these are the skills that will be valuable not just in the workplace of the future but also as everyday life know-how.

Why STEM Toys?

STEM Toys are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math based toys fit to inspire learning and curiosity in everyday life and in education. The assortment of different STEM Toys that we have on offer at Robocube.co.uk focus on the core subjects of coding, mechanical toys and much more. We want kids who use our educational toys to learn from an early age about how the core subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are so crucial in explaining the world around them. STEM Toys are a great way to underline the crucial value of learning in an entertaining way - with children taking charge of their learning. 

Our STEM Kits help children to become explorers and apply their curiosity about all the phenomena in the world around them. They can learn about chemistry, physics, biology, natural phenomena, develop and finetune their motor skills through fun DIY projects.

Robotics and Coding

Everywhere you turn nowadays, robotics is all around us. From robotic process automation of simple or complex repetitive processes at the workplace to many necessary tools that improve the quality of life, this is the future. And skills like coding - visual coding, programming hardware or programming languages - are becoming an essential skill for everyone and not just the domain of software engineers. Therefore it is essential for kids and students to learn them nowadays in the same way as it is to learn grammar and maths. However, in reality only a minority of schools teach coding as part of the curriculum. Therefore it is important that schools and educational institutions become more up-to-date with the many ways in which they can prepare their students for the challenges of tomorrow. We, at Robocube, are passionate about supporting them in this journey and can offer advice on how to make concrete steps in this direction.

Are you ready to crack the code?