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Building Confidence, Sparking Inspiration

Spanning across the entire UK, we offer personalized teacher training programs, focusing on you as an educator. Our mission is to instill you with confidence, empowering you to guide your students effectively as they develop critical 21st-century skills

Our scope of work encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Maths, Virtual Reality.

Educator Training


Become proficient in utilizing your hardware and software, gaining the essential knowledge to optimize learning results and enrich experiences.


Master the art of implementing student-centric lesson plans, gaining insight into their relevance to your curriculum and deciphering the key learning outcomes.


Benefit from our guidance on implementing effective classroom management strategies, allowing you to conduct lively and engaging teaching sessions.

Delivered by our STEAM Experts

Inspiring Confidence, Empowering Success

All ROBOCUBE training sessions are facilitated by a team that's not just experienced but incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about STEAM.

Curriculum and standards-aligned sessions, designed to maximize fun and engagement, form the core of our offerings. We strive to instill confidence in both educators and students, equipping them for the future's careers. The team's collective experience in education spans over 12 years, with roles including teachers, curriculum coordinator, and education consultant. This rich expertise empowers us to support teachers in their professional needs extensively.

Our team's work as education consultants has led to the development of a wide range of curriculums encompassing ESL, STEM, maths, technology, creative design, and creative writing, among others. We pride ourselves on working closely with teachers and leaders, crafting and delviering PD workshops and webinars, and working directly with schools for the best outcomes.

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