How to Entertain Your Young Children During a Quarantine.

Looking for ideas how to entertain your kids can be challenging. And especially if you intend to please 8 - 10 years olds. We all know how picky kids are, and that is why this article, featuring the best 4 robots for 8 - 10 year olds (and older), will help you immensely. We have the most refreshing ideas to make things super interesting for kids as well as teenagers. You have to make sure that you read this entire space carefully and then make decisions!

As you already would have known, in this article, we are talking about robots. But why robots? Because Robots are cool; they help your children to learn STEM skills quickly; they are great fun! As you know, this era relies solely on technology. If your kids are hooked onto their screens, then you shouldn’t be surprised. But why not teach in them some coding and programming skills while they’re at it!

1. Robobloq Qoopers 6 in 1 educational robot kit.

Guess what’s better than a robot? Of course, a Qoopers 6-in-1 Educational Robot Kit. If you intend to make engineering more fun for your child, then you can go for this robot. There are six primary forms that this robot comes in, and as such, your child won’t get bored of it in less time. It can be controlled with the app that can be downloaded on any smart device. It is composed of 174 pieces.

If your child already knows the basics of coding, then also this robot will be worth it! It is because here the high-level coding is also possible using Python and Arduino. Additionally, you can find an enormous amount of learning opportunities because it is compatible with almost all the major mechanical building black sets. Apart from this, the essential functions like remote control, playing music, obstacle resistance, etc. are also provided.

2. Robobloq Q-Scout DIY mechanical building robotic coding kit

This little droid is a very cool way to teach programming for your kids. This is because the programming is based on simple drag and drop ambiance. It is compatible with a majority of building block pieces and can also play music. It can be controlled by remote control along with an app which can be downloaded on any smart device. Additional features include obstacle avoidance and line tracking!

It is a great learning gift for your child because he or she can share it with their friends and even learn some science while playing. As such, we strongly recommend it!

3. Xiaomi Mitu Robot Builder 3 in 1

Xiaomi MITU is a modular “blocks” kit similar to Lego Mindstorm that’s easy to assemble and require no soldering: just connect and play! The kit include a central unit that connect with a smartphone, two motors and a pack of plastic blocks to give different shapes to your creations!

The kit include a wheeled robot and using your creativity you can build a dinosaur, a robotic arm or a walking robot with the same components!

The level of difficulty isn’t much higher than the advanced Lego sets, however the addition of robotics and power packs means a misstep can involve undoing a few minutes work to correct. But, thanks to the robot’s cool capabilities it’s a fun project for parents or siblings to engage in with younger kids. Watching your Mi Robot take off and balance on its own for the first time is a great feeling.

4. Mi Robot Builder Rover, a striking and adorable robot

The Xiaomi Mitu Rover Robot offers 1086 components (10+ hours standby time, it would keep kids busy for a long time) and is perfect for a first introduction to robotics. The remote-controlled model is equipped with a powerful motor and an ARM Cortex MX processor. The route can be easily programmed via the smartphone, tablet or PC. The set comes with three building insturctions.

The Mi Robot Builder Rover features a track-style chassis that can scale obstacles with great agility. The track components are made of lightweight, high-strength materials, and the uniquely reinforced anti-slip ribbing enhances the durability and grip of the track belt. The Mi Robot Builder Rover can easily conquer complex terrain, bringing you endless amounts of fun.

“Just try to keep as much of that normalcy for kids as you can. Because if we encourage each other to share resources, a lot of times you’ll find richness in that, community-building. It helps the kids feel like the world isn’t falling apart right now,”.

“It’s really easy for kids to feel depressed about how bad things are: I’m never going to go back to school. I’m never going to see my friends again.

So I think we need to be cognizant of how much of that they’re absorbing—and try to replace that with some things that are positive.”

Thank you for reading and we hope it was helpful! Stay positive :)



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