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Updated: Apr 29

Learning experts say (and many parents on our staff agree) that kids tend to engage with robotic toys longer and more independently than with one-trick toys offering only flashy lights or sounds.

If you’re holed up at home with your kids due to the coronavirus outbreak, you may be suddenly, painfully aware of just how underappreciated teachers are. If you’re struggling to come up with activities, STEM toys—which help kids build skills in science, technology, engineering, and math—can be a helpful bridge between educational exploration and playtime.

If you want to build your child's love and curiosity for all things tech and engineering, these are the robots you need:

Once a Scout, Always a Scout Q-Scout is a metal construction robot that can be easily programmed by dragging and dropping to teach STEM. Its design has been designed to please all children and its construction is done in less than 30 minutes to focus on programming and learning with the children.

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Qoopers 6-in-1 Transformable Robot Kit Qoopers educational robot is the ideal robot to teach children about STEM, construction and robotics in a fun and entertaining way. With this set of aluminium parts, build 6 different educational robots to renew the interest of children and program them to plunge into the world of simple and intuitive programming with the drag and drop.

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Unleash your creativity with 3-in-1 Mi Robot Builder kits Builder Kits are ready to send you and your kids on an epic building journey! Mi Robot Builder is a modular coding toy that can be assembled into different structures using more than 1,000 toy blocks including parts like wheels, gears, and chains to make it come to life. Watch video >>

ROBOCUBE's easy-to-use STEM curriculum can be taught in any home, by any child.

Get 15 free curriculum with every Q-scout and Qoopers.



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