Gyroscope Sensor

Type: Sensor

1. Overview

The gyro sensor is a sensor for sensing the change of the

spatial position of the robot. It includes a 3-axis accelerometer, a

3-axis angular velocity sensor, and a motion processor. It can sense the

relative displacement changes of the X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis in

space. It can be used to do self-balancing car robots, motion monitoring

in wearable devices, and Scratch 3.0 to do virtual and realistic

interactive games.


2. Specification

a) Operating voltage: DC 5V
b)Working temperature:-20°~85°
c)Working current:20mA
d) Size: 56 x 24 x 15 mm (length x width x height)
3. Features:
a) Support Arduino IDE programming, and provide runtime to simplify programming for doing self-balancing robots.
b) Support Robobloq graphical programming to do interactive games.
c) It is convenient to connect using the RJ11 interface and compatible with Robobloq platform.